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Red wine is a type of wine made from dark-coloured (black) grape varieties. The actual colour of the wine can range from intense violet, typical of young wines, through to brick red for mature wines and brown for older red wines.

The juice from most black grapes is greenish-white; the red colour comes from anthocyan pigments (also called anthocyanins) present in the skin of the grape; exceptions are the relatively uncommon teinturier varieties, which produce a red colored juice. Much of the red-wine production process therefore involves extraction of colour and flavour components from the grape skin.
A dry red wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France.
A similar wine made elsewhere.
A dark or grayish purplish red to dark purplish pink.

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The wine Valdeorras D.O. is made from Godello grown in the valley of Valdeorras (Orense), Spain. With golden color, harmonious and well-balanced body, sufficient tannin, perfect acidity and persistent aftertaste, it is brewed specially for the Real Madrid Football Club.

Grape variety: Godello (100% grape juice)

Type of wine: dry

Alcohol content: 12.5%

Net Content: 75cl

Vintage: 2002



With Tempranillo as the main element, Rioja reds are characterized by being very balanced in their alcohol content, colour and acidity.


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